Eva’s road to The Visions has led through a very diverse educational and creative path. This Toronto-based Polish-Canadian artist creates static and dynamic graphics using all media available in post-modern world of art. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, as well as her personal history. She began her professional life in the medical field and her experience from a hematology lab has stayed with her forever. In Canada, she pursued an education in Visual Arts. She complemented her BA in Fine Arts from York University with a post-diploma program in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College. Throughout her career in both, media arts and traditional arts she has nurtured the connection to her medical background through scientific illustration and related projects.

It was only recently, however, when she began to work with watercolors, that Eva discovered the organic potential of the medium. Moreover, the daily or rather nightly conversations with Dorota thousands of kilometers away, and sharing each other’s passions brought to the surface the idea that the vision of integrating science and art could actually take shape. Further, the result can be shared both with scholars, to offer them a different perspective on their work, as well as with those who don’t have much to do with either science or art in their everyday lives and show the connections, open the communication, and enrich the viewers perspectives.